About Us

Inhuman history, nothing has ever held people in various corners of the world together so close as the Internet. A global village emerged when people get connected through various terminals and transformation is inevitable for all business models.

It holds true for cross-border E-commerce, a business model dependent on the Internet. Thanks to the new model, products in various countries, such as Electronics items made in China, an iPhone made in America, or décor lights made in Korea, can reach you easily with clicks of your finger. It is a general trend of the market to go from physical store to online store, from domestic E-commerce to cross-border E-commerce.

Following the trend, AL HASIM TECHNOLOGY is committed to bringing products made in China\USA \ UAE\KOREA to all over the world with the support of the best minds in cross-border E-commerce and technology. We believe there is a long way to go. While enjoying the huge wealth, we must strive to reach a new high. Our motto is quality is the best policy.

It’s the goal we will struggle for!



Muhammad Arif